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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Return to Running and Weight Loss

Not too long after coming back from our Florida trip, I looked at some photos that I was in and I wasn't happy with how I had let myself go. I don't want Sam to have memories of me as the mom that isn't able to do much, because of her weight.

These photos are my fuel!!

I first signed up for Runner's Edge of the Rockies (REOTR) to get into their running program for the Colfax Half Marathon. After running their schedule for a month or so, I joined Weight Watchers and have seen a drop of 13+ pounds in the last 7 weeks.

The Colfax Half won't be a problem, I'm right on track to be in good shape for it.

My next goal is the biggest, The Rock 'N' Roll Denver Marathon. I have decided to train with Team in Training (TNT), since I know their training method and like the camaraderie, which seems to be better than REOTR, since their is a loftier goal of raising money for charity.

Click HERE to donate a 100% tax deductible gift to help cure blood cancers.

Click HERE to join me in training for the Denver Marathon and Half Marathon or Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon with TNT.

I hope to recruit several women on my block to train with me.

I have a splinter blog where I'm going to detail my running "career." Please follow me at Running Towards 26.2.

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