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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

37 Weeks- Sam is officially baked this week!

Good morning everyone. That means I could literally give birth at any given moment. A terrifying, exciting and overwhelming concept, all rolled into one.

According to the experts:
* Huge news this week: I'm carrying a full-term baby! If I was to go into labor today, all systems would be a go. Woohoo! Even though I can't wait for the little bambino to quite literally rear his head, keep in mind that Sam benefits from every day in the oven. Other ticker-tape-worthy developments:

* Sam's growth slows down dramatically this week, which is great news for my birth canal. Sam's bones are still soft and pliable and will solidify after he's born. More great news for my birth canal.

So if he's all cooked and ready to go, what the heck is he still doing in there?! He's busy practicing for "life on the outside," working on his breathing, sucking, sleeping, gazing and peeing abilities. The only thing he can't practice yet is his ability to scream at the top of his lungs when he's hungry—but he'll do plenty of that in a few weeks.

Sam is now around between 19 and 20 inches and most babies weigh approximately 6-7 pounds (approximately the length of a Swiss chard).

Here is the weekly bump picture (as always)

P.S.- During my midwifery appointment yesterday I was told that Sam has moved down and I may end up giving birth this weekend or next. Of course, that's totally up to Sam, but it's a good sign that it's going to happen sooner than later.

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