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Monday, August 3, 2009

Wetbag Giveaway

Win it! Monkey Foot Designs is giving one of Life More Simply's blog readers a medium size wet bag in the print of your choice for free. To gain an entry, visit their website and let me know which print you want in the medium bags if you win (choose wisely--it's what you'll be getting). Include your email address in every entry! This contest will end on August 7, 2009, at approximately 1530 hours, EST.

The storage and cleaning of cloth diapers is an easy thing and certainly not worthy of intimidation. The first thing that people should know about are wet bags. A wet bag is a waterproof bag that closes (usually by zipper) and is small enough to be put into a diaper bag or sent to the babysitter, but big enough to hold a short day's worth of diapers (we can fit about 6 medium sized diapers into a standard wet bag). We always carry one or two in our diaper bag and just throw them in the wash with our regular diapers after use.

Not only are these bags great for wet diapers, but they're also wonderful for anything else that may be wet like swimsuits, toiletries, or cleaning rags. Most bags are made using PUL (one layer bags) or a thicker waterproof fabric on the inside and a fabric on the outside (two layer bags). The two layer bags seem to hold liquids in better, as well as provide sturdier carrying.

Monkey Foot Designs offers wet bags in four different sizes, the smallest being 9x7" ($14.00) and the largest being 16x22" ($28.00). Their bags are made with two layers and include the addition of a small cloth strap used for carrying that's attached by way of a snap (great for slinging onto a stroller!). Only classy, fun, and fashionable prints are used for the outside layer and a white ProCare fabric used for the insider layer. Monkey Foot Designs describes ProCare by saying that it's "a fabric that is machine washable and dryable and is known for its high duty barrier protection- it is used widely in the medical and diaper fields." This provides a quality product while offering aesthetic beauty. Nothing could be nicer than function and good looks when dealing with dirty diapers!

You can purchase one of Monkey Foot Design's wetbags from their Etsy shop at http://monkeyfootdesigns.etsy.com/. They're offering free shipping on all US in stock orders now through the end of July, 2009 and a 10% discount on in stock items to all readers. Just mention Life More Simply's blog and the discount in the "comment" section when placing your order.

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