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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Need to Vary Sam’s Diet

Sam can be a picky eater (just like Mommy) when he wants to. Unfortunately, because of his pickiness, he sometimes does not get the nutrients that he needs. Because of some his pickiness at some items, he (sometimes) will only eat things with cheese and that has caused some constipation issues. I don’t want my boy to be in pain or have any discomfort.

Some days, like yesterday, I cooked the family Spaghetti Pasta Pie (which includes cottage cheese, egg, pasta, tomatoes, zucchini and some mozzarella cheese). He ate a little, but mostly he wanted nothing to do with it and decided that the floor needed some color.

Knowing that this might happen, I also cooked a batch of vegetables (corn, asparagus and carrots) so that he would be able to eat something if he wasn’t interested in dinner. He ate some of everything, but really liked the carrots. He ate every piece of carrot that was in the bunch.

I really don’t want to be a short order cook later in his childhood, so I am investigating recipes that the entire family would be willing to eat and have enough fiber to help us all. What I have found includes:

• Tri-Color Fusilli pasta with Shrimp and Vegetables in chicken broth (I made it up)- Sam loved it (and so did Brian)
Muffin Frittatas (for breakfast) - Sam loved it
Ravioli with Sweet Potato Sauce (I’m trying this recipe this week)
Pesto Chicken Packets (I’m trying this recipe this week)
Baked ziti with vegetables (I’m trying this recipe this weekend)

If you have any kid-friendly suggestions for a little boy that likes his veggies, please do not hestitate to share any recipes.

The floor definitely does not need any more color.

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