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Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank you!!

Jay and Andrea, my wonderful in-laws, came over after having brunch with us at a local restaurant on Sunday afternoon and watched Sam while we got a bunch of cleaning done. While they took Sam to the local park we were able to:

- Clean the kitchen
- Clean both bathrooms
- Sort, fold and put away the piles of laundry that were covering the couch (I almost forgot the couch's color it was so covered)
- Start uncovering the dining room table from all of the paper. I should be able to complete that after Sam goes to bed tonight.

Unfortunately, since the swings were black and in the sun, they weren't able to put Sam on the swings so they hung out in the grass under a tree. I knew that Brian didn't like sitting in the grass because he is worried that people would have spit right where he was going to sit, but we really hadn't put Sam in grass very often.

According to them, Sam bent down to touch the grass, but wasn't very impressed. During the hour that they were at the park, Sam would not sit down in the grass. He would sit in their laps, but not on the grass. He would walk back and forth between them, but not sit down.

What a funny little boy. We might have to get him used to the grass this weekend when we are in Longmont cheering Brian on during his ADA Tour de Cure.

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