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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ongoing Organization Project- Sam's Baby Clothes (274-276)

Here is an example of what Sam's baby clothes looked like before I decided to consign (resell) the baby clothes that Sam has grown out of. With an infant, I didn't have any time to organize his clothes. I just knew that I needed to make more room in his closet for those clothes that actually fit him at the time, so everything that he had grown out of, I threw in plastic trash bags (no matter what size) and threw them in the basement.

Fourth of July weekend, my ILs were over the house, and while Sam was sleeping and my husband and FIL were in the backyard building Sam's sandbox, my MIL and I went through the bags of clothes and separated them by size.

Clothes for the next consignment sale are due to the event location on August 10th, so I have sent out feelers for anyone to give me any wire hangers that they would otherwise throw out.

The local Dependable Cleaners location had a lot of wire pants hangers. I knew that the wire did not go through the paper portion of the hanger, so I have been taking that off and bending the rest of the hanger to fit children's clothes. It has worked quite well for my purpose. They hangers don't have to be beautiful, they just have to work.

I've got Sam's 12 month clothes put onto hangers. The next step is determining how we want to price them, then I'm moving onto the next batch of his clothes (3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo, 18, mo and finally 24 mo).

I am headed to the Stapleton area this weekend to sell some of Sam's old toys and equipment (Vtech The Move & Crawl Ball, Fisher Price Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail and his Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair). There are also some people there that are going to give me more child size hangers for my project. Sweet!!

That will be another 3 items out of my house and the proceeds going to Sam's 529 College Fund.

Slowly, but surely, I'm going to hit my goal of 2,011 items removed from our house.

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