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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge- Late Start

I am a regular reader of I'm an Organizing Junkie Blog, and last week they started The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge. I was afraid I was too late, since we weren't going to have this on our agenda until this weekend, but I was told that I could start whenever and post about our garage adventure.

Here are some before photos of our home and garage before the moving trucks arrived and filled up our space.

Here are the "now" photos.

Since we moved in, this space has been slowly decluttered (it actually used to be sooo much worse), but hopefully we will be able to make a huge dent in it before my dad comes into town on Monday.

Here is the mudroom concept that I want to add in the garage by the end of June. Unfortunately, it won't happen in the next few weeks. We have bigger fish to fry before then.


We are also going to have a lot of cabinets available for organizing after we redo our kitchen. Here are some that will be available.

I haven't figured out how they will be utilized (garage and/or basement), but it would be a shame to throw them away. We can put them up high and use them for dangerous chemicals or down low and Sam can use them for toy storage in the garage. If they were used in the basement, I could put some of my craft stuff in them. Decisions. Decisions.

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