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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live Concert Series and Minor Flood

We met a couple in Boulder (that we rarely see and are making a better point to get together more often) for dinner and the Boulder Twenty Ninth Street Live Concert Series on Saturday night.

We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (yummy) and walked over to where the band was performing. There really wasn't any seating per say, so while our sons (born within 2 weeks of each other) were running around all over the place (of course supervised and out of harm's way), we got to catch up with Dana and Tommy.

After leaving Boulder (and dropping of Brian at his truck), Samuel and I headed home to put him to bed. I was very surprised that Sam was awake the whole way home, since it was after 9:30pm, but once I got him out of the car, he started yawning and I didn't think that it would take him long to fall asleep. I used the restroom on our main floor and headed upstairs to brush his teeth and complete our bedtime routine.
For some reason, I had to open Sam's bedroom door before he was asleep and heard the toilet running. I assumed I would just need to jiggle the handle a little to stop it, so, since Sam wasn't fully asleep, I grabbed him and headed downstairs. Upon turning the corner, near our kitchen to go to the half bath, I noticed a ton of water all over the floor (bathroom, hallway and family room; headed for the kitchen).
I put Sam down quickly and ran into the bathroom, jiggling the handle and turning off the water from the wall. I had just washed a lot of towels, so I grabbed them up. I also grabbed the 3 blankets that were on the couch. Since that wasn't even able to sop up everything, I ran downstairs and grabbed some more towels, dirty bed sheets and other assorted items that would sop up the water. I'm glad that it wasn't a sewer backup just that the toilet didn't stop running. The water was completely clear and came out of the wall.
I'm glad Sam was having a good time (he kept saying "wet floor" and smiling), because I was on a mission not to ruin our new house.

I had asked Brian to go to the store and get some bananas before he got home, but I called him and gave him a quick rundown of the situation and asked that he come home immediately.

Less than 5 minutes later, he walked in the door. I asked him if he wanted me to stay downstairs and help or put Sam to bed, and we decided that Sam needed his sleep. I could hear Brian doing stuff downstairs, but Sam was so tired that he crashed shortly after we got to his room.

There looks like there is some minor damage to the laminate in the bathroom and hallway (warping), but since I was able to catch it early, it didn't go through the floor into the basement.

Hopefully this is the most excitement that we have with the house, ever.

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  1. Mishappens like that are always a mess. Columbus has the Popcorn Pops 2 or 3 times a year. We use to take the grandkids--they always had a lot of fun. Have a great summer.


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