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Monday, April 5, 2010

First eBay Listing

I'm so proud of myself. I posted my first listing on eBay.com last night.

I have purchased on eBay over 25 times, but I have never sold anything. I thought that it would be harder than it was. The hardest thing was determining the best price and shipping cost for my item. I did some research on the prices that others were selling the same item and decided that I would price it a little less that what I had purchased it for (minus the shipping cost).

Are you wondering what I have posted? As you may have read on my previous posting, I have decided to stop pumping at work. Because of that, there is an item that I no longer need to purchase to help with my production, Goat's Rue. I have an 8 oz. sealed bottle that I bought from Lucky Vitamin for 39.71 + shipping that I have decided to post on eBay for $38.99 obo with free shipping. Here is the posting.

eBay Listing

Please reply to the eBay posting if you are interested.

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