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Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Kid-Closet Makeover Plan

I received THIS Parents Magazine link in my e-mail box this morning. I had to laugh, because our son's closet is the only one that is organized in the entire house.

Before our son was born, the closet in his room was mine. I knew that I needed a great organizational system and something that we could give our child whenever he/she was born.

I have been hoping that I could purchase another closet organizational system for the master bedroom closet or at least changing the current design, but I haven't been able to talk my husband into it (since this is something we now share).

I think I may have turned the corner with this quest. After purchasing a new bedroom set (with multiple dressers- which we didn't have before), a $400 Kobalt 3-piece toolbox set for the garage (so that all of his smaller toolboxes can be consolidated), and storage on our garage ceiling; I think that I have made him aware of the usefulness of being able to access items without having to spend a lot of time searching. 

I have, at least, talked him into moving our closet rod up, leaving more room underneath for additional, more practical, storage. I'm not sure when this project will begin, but I'm hoping that it can be done by the end of winter.

We will wait and see.

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