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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

This past weekend, The Children's Museum of Denver hosted their annual Trick or Treat Street. This is something that we have gone to since Sam was born.

Photo from 2010

Photo from 2009 and Another from 2009

My mother made his costume for the last 2 years, but it was getting tight on him so I decided to make him something new. Actually, I decided to make costumes for all of us.

Inspiration Photo

There were a few cute family costume ideas that I found, but they were mostly for families with 4 people. I didn't want people to wonder where the 4th person was, so I decided that we would be superheroes.

I thought that the hardest part would be finding a pattern for a cape, but "Thank You Pinterest!!!" I found THIS cape tutorial, using an old t shirt, and decided that my limited sewing skills might be able to accomplish this task. I cut the capes out of shirts that I purchased from the local thrift store in about half an hour (making sure to not cut off the seams).

I purchased some foam sheets and found designs to be hand sewn on the front of our shirts. Using the design, I traced the design onto the foam and hand sewed it onto each of our shirts. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have just used felt with a sewing machine, but now I know better for future years. Anything that can be destroyed, will.


Super Mom
Super Dad
When we showed up at Trick or Treat Street, Brian felt a little silly since we were the only parents that we saw with costumers, but there ended up being about 5 set of parents that didn't want to let their children have all the fun and dressed up as well.  We received quite a few complements, even though they weren't very intricate.

Another reason to sew everything on- Sam decided that during lunch, he didn't want to be Superman anymore. He ripped through part of the foam and tore out the hand-stitching. At least it was able to be repaired for today at daycare and this evening for Trick or Treat in the neighborhood.

At lunch, Sam's Grandma and Daddy were drinking coffee and Sam wanted some too. Of course, it was empty.

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