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Friday, October 14, 2011

My First Sewing Class Since 8th Grade

I am in the process of taking an 8 week sewing class through the local Parks & Recreation Department.

At the first class, we were given a supply list for use during the sessions to make several items and hone our sewing skills. I'm a complete beginner, so I barely had a sewing machine, let alone everything required for the class.

Since my company changed their logo and tagline, I had at least 8- 3' x 9' vinyl banners that I wanted to use to make bags out of. Little did I know that vinyl is very hard to work with on a normal sewing machine (slippery and thick) and, because of my stubbornness, it has taken every inch of my being to not give up and trash this bag to make a different one. At least the vinyl is helping me know how to work with difficult "fabrics" unlike the other people in the class.

Here are some photos from my first few classes (making a bag with a zipper).

My machine. Very basic.

My first zipper.

My first boxed corner. I'm very proud of this.

I have decided to bring in some "normal" fabric next week, since we are going to be working on hems (which Brian is excited about) and patterns that I won't be using with vinyl.

I'm not completely giving up on this fabric, but I will definitely pick it as a fabric after a lot of thought. 

My next vinyl project- piecing together a drop cloth for Sam's art projects to save the carpeting. :)

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