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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fiction VS. Reality and Apple Crinkle

Here is the look that I was hoping for for our first Thanksgiving at home. I also just love the centerpiece that I put together from items that I found while cleaning out our basement.
Of course, with a 2 year old, this won't be the reality. First off, remove the wine glasses. If he gets a hold of anything, my next post will be on Shit My Kids Ruined.

Next, take off the place mats.  Anything that would be on the place mats would end up on the floor. Then, remove the glass plates, the candles and full set of silverware (at least in front of Samuel).

While dreaming of a "perfect" table setting, I have been cooking up a storm. By "storm" I mean that my MIL made a sweet potato casserole that I just had to heat up and I had to cook the 4.5 pound boneless, skinless turkey breast and heat up the veggies.

I also made my Grandmother's Apple Crinkle recipe that will only be passed down within the family. Here are some photos of it's making, but I'll never reveal the recipe.

4 cups of apples, pealed.

I had to use the mortar and pestle to grind up Allspice.
Uncooked oatmeal and a lot of other ingredients.

Here are some other pictures that were taken of Sam today.

Sleeping while Dad and Grandpa walked around Bass Pro Shop
 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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