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Monday, February 20, 2012

Week #7- Everything (Almost) Done and More Things Out The Door (265-347)

We got almost everything done that I had anticipated this weekend. Here is what was completed from the list.
  • Pack wine glasses and mugs
  • Pack mudroom chemicals
  • Remove bird's nest from back yard light fixture
  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Thin out area under the sink in Master Bathroom
  • Move oxygen machine
  • Move Sam's portable potty
  • Determine area for shoes
  • Pack refrigerator magnets
Another thing Brian did (that wasn't on any list) is hose off our newly installed front and back porches. This included spraying out the cobwebs around our front door.

Activities moved to this week.
  • Clean refrigerator (gross) and organize shelves- I think this will be Brian's job
  • Remove childproof items in kitchen
  • Pack vases- Tonight
  • Snake our upstairs sink
  • Replace burnt out bulbs- Tonight
  • Clean light fixtures- Tonight
  • Clean the bathtub (again)- Maybe tonight
Some of this stuff might be completed while I'm at work today since Brian has today off from work (President's Day- lucky!!). I'll see when I get home.

Besides packing up items to put into storage while our home is on the market, I was able to find a lot of things that were taking up room in our house that were not going to make the voyage to our new home.

Returned to Oxygen Company
1 Oxygen Machine
1 Oxygen Regulator
2 Oxygen Tanks
1 Oxygen Tank Cart

Items Donated to ARC
2 Jackets
1 Sleeveless Shirt
3 Long Sleve Shirts
2 Pairs of Pants
6 T-Shirts
4 Pairs of Jeans
1 Pair or Shorts
1 Set to Jammies
1 Short Sleve Shirt
2 Outdoor Vests
1 Set of Headphones
1 Sewing Machine
1 Wire Toy
1 Serving Tray
1 Barn Counting Toy
3 Bottles
1 Glass Bowl
1 Kite
1 Pair of Glasses
43 Items of Sam's Clothes

82 Items

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