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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week #7- Update on Everthing Weekend

  • Pack wine glasses and mugs- DONE
  • Clean refrigerator (gross) and organize shelves- I think this will be Brian's job
  • Remove childproof items in kitchen- Tomorrow
  • Pack vases- Scheduled for tomorrow morning
  • Pack mudroom chemicals- Can't be packed, but organized
  • Replace burnt out bulbs- Tomorrow
  • Clean light fixtures- Tomorrow
  • Remove bird's nest from back yard light fixture- I'm making Brian do it
  • Clean out medicine cabinet- Done
  • Thin out area under the sink in Master Bathroom- Done
  • Clean the bathtub (again)- Scheduled for tomorrow
  • Move oxygen machine- DONE-Was picked up today along with extra O2 bottles
  • Move Sam's portable potty- DONE
  • Determine area for shoes- DONE- Used master bedroom shoe organizer
  • Pack refrigerator magnets- DONE

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