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Friday, February 17, 2012

Week #7- More of Everything

This week we have the following planned. Results will be posted early next week. Wish us luck!!
  • Thin out the pantry (to look good for potential home buyers)- DONE Monday
  • Pack extra glass dishware- DONE Monday
  • Pack serving items- DONE Wednesday
  • Organize Sam's cups- DONE Tuesday
  • Drop off items to Goodwill- DONE Wednesday
  • Pack the last of Sam's toys that he can see again when the house is sold- DONE Wednesday
  • Move microwave table to Dining Room to hold Sam's diapers- DONE Tuesday
  • Pack wine glasses and mugs
  • Clean refrigerator (gross) and organize shelves
  • Remove childproof items in kitchen
  • Pack vases
  • Pack mudroom chemicals
  • Replace burnt out bulbs
  • Clean light fixtrues
  • Remove bird's nest from back yard light fixture
  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Thin out area under the sink in Master Bathroom
  • Clean the bathtub (again)
  • Move oxygen machine (Getting picked up Saturday)
  • Move Sam's portable potty
  • Determine area for shoes
  • Pack refrigerator magnets
Have a great weekend!

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