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Friday, September 2, 2011

Operation Minimize- Week 35 (1,360-1,518)

Even though all weeks (formally) start on Monday, I'm going to include things in this post that were completed on Saturday (8/27), since I'm going Saturday-Friday.

 Saturday was kind of busy for our family. We decided to go to the Chile Harvest Art Festival (total waste of $10 if you ask me). It should have been a free festival, but that's neither here nor there.

Before my 2pm eye appointment, I wanted to donate some electronics, cassette tapes and CDs, so after dropping Brian and Sam off, I headed back out.

My first stop was the Book Outlet to drop off the cassette tapes and CDs. I thought that the address put the store on the east side of the street, but I was mistaken. Oops!

Once I got the receipt, I headed to A-1 Electronic Recycling to recycle our microwave (broken), monitor and desktop computer that was severely outdated, but I didn't know that the store was closed that day for an event, so that was 5 miles of gas that I'll never get back.

So here are my weekend totals:
Donation- 35 Cassette tapes and 18 CDs

53 Items

Donations for the rest of the week.
Tuesday: 30 CDs and 1 CD carrying case- Donated to ARC

Wednesday: 14 Baseball hats, 2 winter scarfs, 2 winter hats, 15 shot glasses, 1 ironing board, 1 set of green curtains (super ugly!), 1- 6 ear corn griller- Donated to ARC

Thursday: 30 Shot glasses, 4 candle holders, 4 fancy coffee mugs and 1 funky, green, 70's plastic clock- Donated to Goodwill

Total for This Week- 158 Items

I will be donating more items this weekend.


  1. Love your blog! :)I became a follower of your blog! :) Erin


  2. I love the feeling of that. I admire that you have the patience to itemize each thing. You'll have a good record come tax time.


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