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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation Minimize- Week 38 (1,674- 1,677)- Selling Gold

While we were cleaning out our basement, we came across a large amount of real and costume gold and decided that there really wasn't anything that we were going to do with it, so we decided to sell it. We weren't positive what was what, so we just brought it all.

Everyone has driven down the street and seen individuals standing on the corner, flipping around signs advertising "Cash For Gold." A few weeks ago, I drove around on a Sunday trying to find somewhere open, but their hours were only Monday-Saturday.

We used 2 hours today to go around and price some of these places. I can't believe the difference in pricing that we were told and the differing items that places were interested in purchasing.

Place #1- Offered us $220 for 6 items. That sounded okay, but we were definitely not taking the first offer.

Place #2- Wanted 4 items and offered $600. Sweet!
  •  Brian was very surprised that they wanted a certain pinky ring. He thinks that he got it for $20, 20 years ago.

Place #3- Only wanted 2 items and offered us $35. Pitiful.

We probably could have driving around for another hour pricing the items, but we were happy with $600 and took it. Of the items that the 2nd place didn't take, I'm going to take the rest (including some diamond earrings that I forgot that I owned), and take them around. maybe we will get as lucky as we did before. I'm going to continue to go through our basement boxes and see if there is anything else that we can sell.

Have a great Saturday. Go Bucks!!

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