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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

Once we moved into our house, it became very obvious that the kitchen needed a lot of work. The cabinets were small and the linoleum was horrible.

Many of the cabinets were hard to access, didn't fit all of our serving items, the size was incorrect for the space (there was a lot of empty white space up to the ceiling) and the color was definitely not my favorite.

After having a few contractors come in and offer me estimates on refacing the current cabinets and replacing them completely with a bead board design, the best contractor's idea was to fully replace the cabinets with a cityscape style.

You've seen the before. Here is the after.

The cabinets are now (at least) 6 inches taller all around the room. There is a Lazy Susan that will allow us to have more room in our pantry for organization. The cabinet above the refrigerator is a lot deeper which lets us store larger pieces. We also have an appliance garage (to the right of the stove) for housing items that we want to keep on the counter, but not in full view, like the toaster and blender.

The next part of our kitchen renovation is adding blue glass tiles as a back splash. Due to the items that Brian wants to complete on the house, I better find someone to install the tiles, so it's not 2013 (at least) before it's completed.

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  1. Your old kitchen looks very comparable to mine, and like you I'm ready for an upgrade! However, instead of having open space above our cabinets, a previous owner closed off the space, so installing taller cabinets isn't going to be as simple as I had hoped. I love the choices you made in cabinets, counter top, and sink! Hope you are able to have your tile installed before 2013! Enjoy your new kitchen!


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