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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Basement Areas- How to Reuse Kitchen Cabinets

Source: http://kt.realmdigital.com/tb/ken/remodel/

I wish that our laundry room wall looked this good when we moved in. There wouldn't have had to be as much done to get it ready to paint and hang cabinets left over from our kitchen remodel. Also, our space is nowhere as big as the above photo. I would show you, but I completely forgot to take before pictures. For some reason I also forgot to take daily, progress photos as well. What was I thinking?? Nothing, I guess.
There were large gaps between where the joists needed to be and no area for the dryer exhaust vent if we wanted to hang the drywall ourselves, therefore, I hired a company to come in and "finish" it off that area so that we could make it sturdy enough to determine what we wanted to do with that area to make our laundry room a more usable space.

There were some areas that we were okay if it wasn't completely flush with the new drywall. We didn't want to pay to move any pipes or major electrical outlets. And since this wasn't going to be a "highly visible" space, we were okay with work that just met our bare minimum requirements (just the front and side wall- no ceiling).

The work was originally scheduled for a Saturday/Sunday time frame, but, once we heard about the scheduling of the kitchen cabinets, we moved the dates up for the framing and drywall to coincide.

The company came in on Tuesday afternoon and, unfortunately, didn't complete the painting (to finish off the job) until early evening on Sunday. Unfortunately, they didn't take any precautions with the paint, so the exposed pipes are painted and so are parts of the water heater.

Here is the inspiration that I will be going for when we finish of the rest of the area.

Contemporary Laundry Room design by Dallas Kitchen And Bath B&S Woodworking Inc.

The sink will be on the opposite side, but the cabinets and counter will be on the left.

I also like the baskets underneath the washer and dryer.

Traditional Laundry Room design

I like the table on the left.

We are still in the process of completely finishing off our basement. For me, this meant that we have a nice laundry area and a place for me to do crafts and Sam to do his homework (once he reaches that stage in his life).

I wanted to complete this sooner, rather than later, so we had most of our old kitchen cabinets from our garage installed into our basement and laundry room. We also had the electrical outlets moved up to make them more accessible.

Here are the before shots of the basement and laundry room areas.

And here's what it looks like now.

I'm really excited about all the new storage and the way that the areas are more functional.
There are some more changes needed down the line (painted cabinets in the laundry room, chairs, shelves above the table, etc), but this is a great improvement.

Now, we can start working on the smaller items to start having our laundry room look like the photos above.

Have a great weekend!!
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