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Monday, July 16, 2012

Our First Picnic

Our local pool usually closes at 6pm in the summer (I know, can you believe it), but on Wednesday, the 11th, it stayed open until 8pm for a "Staycation" event.  I made sure that Brian took his trunks to work and packed us some food the night before so that we were set.

I picked up Samuel from his school and we was able to get to the pool just before 5pm. We changed into our suits and jumped in.

Brian showed up around 6:10 and we ate our first picnic (ever as a family) around 6:30. The sun was nice on our backs and the food was great. We had sandwiches, vegetables, coleslaw and drank iced tea.

Sam had the most fun in the lazy riverWe jumped back into the pool after dinner (no we didn't wait an hour) and played for another 25 minutes. Sam had the most fun in the lazy river. Brian liked the enclosed slide. 

We headed home around 7:30pm.

What a great evening!

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