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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Reuses For Business Cards

My company is moving to a new location (about 2 blocks away) on September 12th, so I have a ton of business cards that would be thrown away if I didn't find another use.

Here are 5 ways to reuse your old business cards.
  1. Business cards make excellent bookmarks.
  2. Business cards with a blank side are the perfect size for short shopping or To Do lists.
  3. Bag Tags- When you're reusing gift bags and don't have a card handy, glue together two business cards with the text side facing in, leaving you two blank sides—then just attach it to the bag with a ribbon.
  4. Business cards are the perfect size for place cards.
  5. Flashcards for kids; cue cards for presentations.
Personally, I think I'm going to use them as notes on our Pottery Barn pinboard.

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