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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Room Organization- Sam's Toys

I forgot to take a before shot, but believe me, Sam's toys were all over our family room.  The mat letters were strewn about and his books were on every flat surface in the room.

Office Depot did not sponsor this posting  :)
We needed a better solution.

Instead of selling an old 3-level microwave cart, I repurposed it as a toy box and book case. I put a paper box on the bottom shelf (which I will cover with paper or fabric to look pretty) to hold the small toys and cars. Then I used 2 small wood toolboxes to hold all of his board books in the middle shelf.

On top, I have the rest of his alphabet foam pad (that's not protecting the hearth) and a wire and bead toy.

I arranged the larger toys and his stuffed animals around to compliment it.

Considering what it looked like before, this is AWESOME! I hope that we can continue to use this organizational system effectively.
Like this, but purchased from Walmart.

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