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Friday, August 19, 2011

Purge and Organization - This Weekend and Beyond

Sunday is the BIG YARD SALE for the Wilson Family. 

After this huge purge of items from our household, I don't want our home to go back to how it looked before; full of items that we don't use, never dust and just put up with. I would like a house that doesn't take us a few weeks to get ready to have company come over.

Because of that, I have put together a weekly checklist of things that will be done EVERY WEEK to avoid digging the same hole that we are getting out of now.

I'm going to print and laminate this sheet so that it can be reused weekly with a dry erase pen and a clipboard.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist


¬ Change and launder bath mats, towels and washcloths

¬ Clean toilets, bathtubs and sinks

¬ Wipe mirrors


¬ Change and launder sheets and pillowcases

¬ Dust surfaces, including furniture, objects and light fixtures

¬ Keep up on laundry- wash/ dry/ fold/ put away

Dining Room:

¬ Dust surfaces including light fixtures and chairs

Entryways, Stairs, and Hallways:

¬ Dust staircase banisters and light fixtures


¬ Dust surfaces and objects, light fixtures and electronics


¬ Discard food and beverage past expiration date

¬ Wipe surfaces, including sink, counter tops, vent hood, refrigerator

Living/Family Room:

¬ Vacuum upholstery

¬ Dust surfaces and objects, light fixtures and electronics

Throughout the house:

¬ Vacuum/Mop the floor and vents

¬ Wash the windows

¬ Empty the trash

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  1. I've been working on a similar list. That way everyone knows what is done and what still needs to be finished each week. So Mom doesn't need to be home to know what is going on! :) Good luck with your Yard Sale.


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