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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yard Sale Review and Week 34 (328-1,359)- LONG!!!

Here is a review of the yard sale that we had last Sunday and an update of our Operation Minimize Project.

Items that Sold
  • 52 outfits and toys of Sam's- The proceeds will go into his college fund
  • 4 Stereo wires
    Before the sale with my ILs and Sam.
  • 5 Cd's
  • 23 Pops (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite and Sierra Mist)
  • 2 Pieces of red cookware
  • Bread Maker
  • Blender
  • Microwave
  • Portable Boombox
  • 2 Bridal magazines from 2005/2006
  • 6 Books (fiction and cookbooks)
  • 2 Rolls of ribbons from our wedding
  • 2 Drink containers
  • 1 White bow
  • Bridal Photo Holder
  • Sterling silver ring
  • VCR
  • 1st Generation iPod and charger
  • Deck of cards
  • Pack n' Play
  • Baby Gate
  • Key chain
  • 7 Shot glasses (mostly Hard Rock Cafe)

After the sale. I know that it doesn't look much different,
but we were able to get rid of a bunch of stuff.
After subtracting the initial pot of $40 in mixed change from the end total, it looks like we made $171. Yea!!

After the sale, there were so many items that didn't sell, that I packed up our SUV and drove down to Goodwill and donated a lot. 

Donation Items- I'm listing these out to remind me for tax purposes
  • 12- 2T and 24 Month items
  • 82- 18 Month items
  • 40- 12 Month items
  • 91- 6 Month Items
  • 40- 3 Month items
  • 28 Hangers that were on some of the above items
  • 2 Boppys with 1 extra cover
  • 3 Sippy Cups
  • 6 Bath toys
  • 2 Rattles
  • Rubber duckie
  • Vtech Laptop
  • Soother
  • 4 Ice cube trays
  • Stack and Roll Cups
  • Infant Bath
  • 22 VHS movies
  • 11 Place mats
  • Tablecloth
  • Law and Order board game
  • Red Christmas stocking
  • Zippo lighter
  • Large blue candle
  • TV antenna
  • 3 Gym bags
  • 3 Piece serving trays
  • 2 green fleece pillows
  • 4 Hats
  • 3 Jackets
  • CD player
  • Double cassette player
  • Knife set
  • Black purse
  • Wood shot glass holder
During the organization and purging of our basement for this sale, a lot of items from our basement were thrown away. Of what didn't sell, we decided to throw away 5 items (insulated bag, table lamp, broken microwave, Palm Handheld and a remote to a TV that we haven't owned in years. I have no idea why that was saved in the first place.

On Monday morning, I took another 3 bags to Goodwill which consisted of the following:
  • Wool blanket
  • 6 Sweaters
  • 6 Pairs of jeans
  • 1 Pair of pants
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 2 Ties
  • 2 Belts
  • 2 Sweatshirts
  • 1 Wife beater shirt
  • 30 Pairs of socks
This morning, I took 100 hardback books (mostly fiction) to ARC and another 100 will go on Wednesday.

Now, the trash stuff.
While going through our basement determining the items that would be included in the yard sale, I came across a lot of "bags of bags." These are gift bags from our wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and Sam's birthdays that I hadn't had the heart to throw away since they were so nice and I had hoped to reuse. Of course, there was no way that we would EVER reuse all of bags, so we just tossed them out. I bet there must have been at least 50 bags that were taking up valuable space in our basement. - 50 Items
Now they are GONE and good riddance.

I uncovered a few plastic bins that held scrapbook paper that was not fully utilized for our wedding. I must have thrown away 3/4 of that stuff- 40 Items

We also had a bin that was so filled with Christmas decorations that we NEVER use, that it had buckled. Getting rid of that stuff was very liberating- 56 Items

There were also about 35 boxes of things that were housing what we sold or donated. Also, 30+ hangers were on clothes that I removed before donating. I'm counting all those too.

I'm going to continue to go through the rest of the unsold items and take them to Goodwill and ARC in batches.

Also,  trash day is tomorrow, so we are going to move all of our trash items to the corner in the morning. I just hope that the garbage man doesn't have a coronary when he sees all of our items.

1,031 Items have been removed from our home.

Here is the breakdown.
Sold- 214 Items (68 from the Consignment Sale)
Donated- 595 Items (which isn't even everything)
Given to Daycare- 6 Items
Snagged by Grandma- 1 Jacket
Trash- 215


  1. Wow a huge accomplishment! Congratulations!

  2. Wow! This is so inspiring!! I need to start counting the things we take out of our home.

    It's so funny what sells and what doesn't at garage sales. We had one earlier this summer and none of the wedding stuff went but a huge box of gift bags, tissue paper etc was snapped up immediately.

  3. Wow! That's an impressive amount of stuff leaving your home...I'm hoping that we'll have at least that much out of our place over the next few weeks....


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