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Monday, December 7, 2009

Adventures With Santa & Misc.

We took Sam to Southlands Mall on Saturday for his first photo with Santa. I had a general description of where in the mall that the photos were, but Southlands is an outdoor mall, so we needed to park as close as we could since it was in the 30s. I was expecting a long line, so we had Sam bundled up awaiting the crowd.

We went right into the shop and there were only 2 families in front of us. We had a little bit of time to take off Sam's layers and put on the sweater vest that our wedding planner bought him. Very cute!!

The Santa that they had had a real beard and when we put Sam on his lap, he was memorized. It took a lot of coaxing to get Sam to turn toward the camera, but we were finally able to get him turned around. I'm surprised that Sam didn't try to grab it and put it in his mouth.

Some of the other kids that were getting their pictures before Sam's turn were crying and it was tough for the photographer to get a good picture. Sam is such a good boy!! Once we got him turned around, he did so well. The photo is now on our mantle in a very special frame that we will be able to keep and update for each subsequent year. I will take a picture of the photo and frame and post it ASAP.

I guess he doesn't take after me. My mom says that I cried every year and they finally stopped taking me since I hated it.

To Do List
Here is my completed list for this past weekend. I completed only 33% of what I had hoped. I was able to sent out our Christmas cards and Brian hung up our outside lights(and that stuff wasn't on the list). I'm satisfied.

2. Pictures with Santa
5. Buy baby proofing items
6. Send photo and frame to Pop Pop
14. More holiday shopping
15. Make more food for Sam

Christmas Shopping
I have purchased at least one thing for the following people for Christmas so far. I'm very proud of my progress since I rarely leave the house after I pick up Sam from daycare. I love internet shopping.

My husband
My parents
My son (actually his list is just about completed)
My sister
My in-laws
Cousin picked in drawing

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