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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Houshold Tip- Set your Calendar for These Bargains

If you want to get the best deals, know when to shop. The best times to purchase items are when they are off-season.

Air conditioners- February, July, August
Appliances- January
Art supplies- January, February
Bathing suits- after July 4th, August
Batteries and mufflers- September
Bedding- February, August
Bicycles- January, February, September, October, November
Blankets- January, May, November, December
Books- January
Building materials, lumber- June
Camping equipment- August
Carriages, strollers- January, August
Cars (new) - August, September
Cars (used) - February, November, December
Car-seat covers- February, November
Children’s clothing- July, September, November, December
China- January, February, September, October
Christmas gifts- Anytime but Christmas
Clothes dryers- January- April
Clothing (spring) - End of June
Clothing (summer) - End of August
Clothing (fall) - End of November
Clothing (winter) - End of February
Coats (women’s, children’s) - April, August, November, December
Coats (men’s) - January, August
Coats (winter) - February
Costume jewelry- January
Curtains- February
Dishes- January, February, September
Drapes & curtains- February, August
Dresses- January, April, June, November
Fabric- June, September, November
Fans- August
Fishing equipment- October
Frozen foods- June
Fuel oil- July
Furniture- January, February, June, August, September
Gardening equipment- August, September
Glassware- January, February, September, October
Handbags- January, May, July
Hardware- August, September
House wares- January, February, August, September
In-line skates- January
Infant’s wear- January, March, April, July
Lamps- February, August, September
Luggage- March
Men’s clothing- August, December
Party items- December
Refrigerators/freezers- January, July
Resort/cruise wear- January, February
School clothes- August, October
School supplies- August, October
Sportswear- January, February, May, July
Storm windows- January- March
Summer clothes and fabrics- June, July
Televisions- May, June
Tires- January, July
Tools, yard equipment- May, June
Towels- January, May, August
Toys- January, February
Washers and dryers- March

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