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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pantry Challenge- March or April

I told my husband about how there are a lot of bloggers that are in the process of doing a "Pantry Challenge." He was very intrigued with one person that was only planning on spending money on dairy and produce and spending a maximum of $75 during January (I’m sorry that I can’t remember the exact blogger doing this).

If we tried this, we would have to take an accurate stock of our pantry and freezer before we started. I know that we have a ton of pasta and could eat pasta for every meal, every day of a month, but who would want to.

I would also need to research recipes that would allow us to have to buy the minimal amount of items for the month.

I would need at least a month to get ready for an undertaking such as this. A very interesting idea that I might have to look into for March or April.


  1. What is this pantry challenge? it sounds insteresting.

  2. Why would you need a month to get ready if the idea is to eat what you have? Inventory would be good - we have an inventory sheet for our chest freezer. We emptied it and then typed in everything in there. We printed that sheet and pasted it to the front of the freezer. When something comes out, we mark it off the list. It helps to meal plan for sure. It also helps cause you easily know what you're out of - for shopping list purposes. We're doing a lot more freezer work right now since the hubby is out of work - trying to figure out how to eat on the cheap. I say - GO FOR IT! Do the pantry challenge!! You'll be happy when it's over that you get to restock what you ENJOY!

  3. Between making every single item that Sam eats, keeping the house from falling apart if I'm not on my game (washing dishes, dinner, washing cloth diapers, etc.) and working full time; it might take me that long to compile a full inventory.


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