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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank you Jay & Andrea!

With Sam not being able to go to daycare this week, Brian and I were dividing our week so that we could take care of our little one. We each took off 2 days (Brian- Monday & Thursday, Me- Tuesday & Wednesday), but we were having trouble deciding who should take off Friday.

We then remembered that since Brian's parents work 4 10-hour days. They would have Friday off. It had been a while since they took Sam for a day, so we crossed our fingers and gave them a call to see if they would be able to help us out and babysit. I'm so glad that they didn't already have plans and were more than willing to look after their only grandchild.

They came over to our house at 6:30 this morning and we packed everything up so that they could take Sam to their house, about 40 minutes away, for part of the day. After lunch, they are going to pack him back up and bring him back to our house.

As a mom, I completely overpacked what I thought that Sam might need (medicine, thermometer, too many bottles, too many diapers, etc.). I also provided them with directions on how to make his food (since I have made every meal for him since he was born). I included my direct line to my office if anything came up that they had a question about.

I also let them know about the toys that had been sterilized for him to play with and those that haven't. You can never be too careful with germs. We don't want him sick again.

Of course I know that they have raised a child before (my husband) and they know the do's and don'ts with kids, but I'm pretty meticulous since this is our first. If we end up having more, I'm sure I will be more lax, but I'm very picky about his upbringing right now.

I just hope that they understand my madness and roll with it. I just hope that I don't call them every hour, on the hour, to make sure that Sam is doing well. I will do my best to refrain. Give me strength.

Thank you Jay & Andrea!!!!

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