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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What an Inspiration

An ad was hanging out on the right side of my Facebook page and it was very intriguing- "Sean's 40 in 40 Teams." I’m not one to click on the ads, but this one mentioned Teams in Training and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so I had to click.

As some of you know, in 2007, I trained with Teams in Training to run the Denver Half Marathon. I was initially inspired to do this to help me not start smoking again. (Back Story—I smoked for 16 years and quit in February 2007.) I met several wonderful people who had battled and were winning the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma and it endeared me to the organization. Whenever I have the ability, I try to give to individuals who are training with this wonderful group.

“Sean’s 40 in 40” ended up being about a man who, starting in May 2009, began a series of 40 races, culminating with the 40th race being on or around his 40th Birthday in 2010. During the course of this endeavor he plans to complete the following:

5K - 10
10K - 10
Half Marathon - 2 (or 3)
Full Marathon - 2

Metric Century - 3 (or 4)
Century - 2
Multi-day Ride - 1

Sprint - 5
Olympic - 4
Half Iron - 1

Sean is also looking to raise at least $40,000, introduce 400 new members to the Team In Training Team with LLS - and more importantly - raise awareness of the LLS Mission and honor 40 honor patients.

As of this past weekend (01/23/10), he has completed 31 of the events and has raised over half of his goal, $20,940.11.

You can read his blog, which includes information about the reasons, the races, his training and more by clicking HERE.

You can contribute to his goal by going to his fundraising website HERE .

I am planning on donating to this man’s fundraising effort, not only because this is a wonderful charity that needs all of the donations that they can get. I am doing so because he has chosen to take on such an ambitious goal and I am jealous of his resolve to help his fellow man in need. I try to do my part, but I know that I could do more to help the world.

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