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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sam's 2009 Milestones

Here is a listing of the new things that happened to Sam in 2009.

03/29/09- Birth (5:36am)
04/01/09- First bath
04/02/09- First visit with Wilson grandparents
04/09/09- First visit with Neubert grandparents
04/29/09- One Month Old
05/02/09- First outing (Boulder) with Tim & Erika
05/12/09- First smile
05/29/09- First set of shots and 2 Months Old
06/20/09- First professional photo shoot
06/29/09- 3 Months Old
07/03/09- First trip to Greeley
07/25/09- First wedding (Greeley and Platteville)
07/29/09- 4 Months Old
07/31/09- Second set of shots
08/09/09- Rolled over (back to tummy)
No Specific Date- Transfers objects between his hands
08/29/09- 5 Months Old
09/21/09- First Snow
09/26/09- First time sitting up (unassisted)
09/26/09- First solid food (rice cereal)
09/29/09- 6 Months Old
09/30/09- First taste of veggies (sweet potatoes)
10/04/09- Hold bottle by himself
10/05/09- First time sleeping overnight on tummy
10/29/09- 7 Months Old
11/07/09- First time eating chicken (or any solid protein)
11/10/09- First time Angie saw Sam rocking on his hands and knees
11/17/09- First time that Angie saw Sam turn over (tummy to back)
11/29/09- 8 Months Old
12/05/09- Crawling (Sam put one knee forward and pushed on it. I'm counting it.)
12/29/09- First tooth coming through, 9 months old

For the 2010 Milestones, please visit Sam's site HERE.

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