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Monday, January 10, 2011

Escaping Winter

This is my in-laws right now.

They are headed to Panama on a cruise while
Denver gets 5-10" of snow.

They flew to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday.  They had the bragging thoughfulness to call us yesterday and let us know that they were sitting on the deck of the ship in 70 degree weather, drinking a nice daiquiri and watching the football playoffs.

They also let us know that they had a lot of fun in FL on Saturday going on an air boat ride through the Everglades and seeing an alligator sunning himself in the grass.

What a terrible burden (read sarcasm) to be in nice weather while the Rocky Mountain region is covered in a Winter Wonderland.

Actually, this weekend was kind of nice.  Saturday, before the snow hit, I went on an 8.5 mile run to continue my training for the marathon and Brian went on a bike ride.

We woke up Sunday morning to a bunch of snow.  It was very beautiful.

Sam started anoter session of swim class that he hasn't been able to go to since October.  It's like he never took a break.  He is going to be a really good swimmer.

After a few hours of relaxation, I got the boys bundled up and they headed outside to put Sam into his sled for the first time.  I don't think that he could have enjoyed it more.  I posted the video onto my Facebook page, but I will upload it to YouTube and put the video on this blog as well so that everyone can see.

Stay warm everyone.

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