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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have You Ever Had "Guilt Tummy??"

You know, when you finish eating something that you know you shouldn't have eaten (for whatever reason-- weight loss, stress eating, etc.) and you feel like crap afterwards.

I think that's what I have.

I received a call this morning from Sam's daycare saying that he threw up AGAIN.  Of course, nothing else happens after that to him, but just the thought of him throwing up, is making me stressed.

The stress of Sam not feeling well (on top of all his other issues) and me trying to lose weight and become healthier, I ate too much of something that shouldn't have even made it into my shopping cart.  I'm not telling what it was.

The best thing that I can do know, is chalk this up to a temporary setback and get right back on the wagon.

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