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Monday, January 31, 2011

Samuel's Update

We conducted a nocturnal pulse oximetry study last Thursday on Samuel, where he his oxygen level was measured on his toe through infrared wavelengths.

The results of this study was that his condition is not improving as quickly as the doctor was hoping, therefore, Sam is going to be scheduled to go to the Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology & Sleep Disorders at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center.

Within the next few weeks, Samuel will be scheduled to stay overnight in the hospital (we will be there, too) where he will be able to be continuously monitored so that a diagnosis and the next course of treatment can be determined.

Yes, this is definitely scary for me and Brian, but his numbers are currently in the 90's, so he is not in any immediate danger, but we want to be able to take him off the O2 machine as quickly as possible.

Please keep Samuel in your thought and hope that we find out and fix what is wrong ASAP.  I hate that we have to keep him hooked up to this stupid machine every night.  Damn you RSV!!

At least he doesn't fight us and is a very happy, playful little boy.

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