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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Operation Minimize- Week 1 (1-32)

Today is the first day that I have done anything to start tackling the basement.  I started taking pictures of items that we have decided that we do not need, including a lot of Sam's baby items. 
Here is the breakdown of things that have left my basement.
1 Workout Pants
5 Sweaters
4 Grownup Jammies
3 Short Sleeve Shirts
1 Pair of Socks
4 Bags of Trash
6 Large Boxes
7 Books
1 Cherry Nightstand

32 Items

Where did they go?
Donation                      14
Trash                            10
Paperbackswap.com     7
Sold                                1

I'm using paperbackswap.com instead of donating the books, because several of Samuel's books are falling apart, so they need to be replaced.   Once his books have been replaced, the destroyed ones will be discarded.

I'm well on my way to removing 2,011 items from my home (with a majority coming from the basement.

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