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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sam's 2010 Milestones

01/13/10- Sam's 2nd tooth is starting to come through

02/05/10- Sam pulled himself to a standing position

02/12/10- Sam said something that sounded like "Da Da." We are going to count it as his first word.

02/13/10- Sam's first central incisor starts to poke through his top gums.

02/27/10- Sam said "Ma Ma." Yea!!

03/29/10- Ate whole eggs for the first time.

03/31/10- Dr. Turk noticed that Sam's 5th & 6th teeth are starting to poke through his top gums.

04/12/10- Sam's last day of formula at daycare

05/01/10- Sam's first step

06/08/10- Sam climbed onto the couch

08/31/10- Sam is considered "walking" for daycare. He is making the transition into the older room.

09/04/10- Sam's index finger found its way to his nose for the first time (that mommie has seen)

09/15/10- Sam colored his first picture. Of course it was just a scribble, but we are very proud.

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