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Friday, December 2, 2011

Donations for 2011 Taxes

Since I have been donating a lot of items for my Operation Minimize Project (HERE is where I got the idea) and participating in raising money for charity, I have amassed a lot of receipts for donation items.  I have collected them all and put everything together so that on April 14th we aren't going crazy adding up everything.

Monetary Donations- $490.20
American Cancer Society- $160.20
Team in Training (LLS)- $180
Denver Museum of Nature and Science Membership- $60
Denver Zoo Membership- $90

Goodwill Donations
869 Individual Items- $1,796
ARC Donations
307 Individual Items- $1,103

Book Outlet
53 Individual Items- $71

2011 Total Donations (so far)- $3,460.20Just to let you know, I low balled all of the estimates for the donations. I still have another 200+ items to donate or throw away in the next 4 weeks.

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