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Monday, December 19, 2011

Early Christmas

Because we are flying to Florida, late this week, to visit my dad for Christmas, we celebrated Christmas with Brian's parents yesterday. They are WAY too generous.

The first thing I opened from them will help save me from the wrath of my son, Samuel. No more black eyes for Mommy.

At first, Samuel wasn't interested in anything but my iPad.
I think it's so cute when Sam takes other people's
fingers to activate items.
It's also funny when he uses his nose.
The first present that really got his attention was a Fisher Price camera. I just knew that he would love it, because he has so much fun taking pictures with my camera.
Sam needed a little help from Grandpa,
but definitely learned quickly.
The next thing that he became interested in was the Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Misty IslAnd Adventure Set that Brian bought along with the train table I purchased from a local mom's group for only $60 (Score!!!).

Next thing that really caught his eye was a set of Sesame Street figures.
Chewing them wasn't the only thing he did.
He also had them step on each other. Poor Elmo.
Sam and Grandma with his Christmas outfit. The orange cap
was a present that says "My First Fishing Cap."
Sam also got a play mat that has a town and streets,
so that he can drive his cars (and anything else) all over it.
Sam also received a lot of other presents (Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Sound Studio, Fisher Price Thomas' Chocolate Delivery Train Set, books, coloring pages, etc.), including an outfit from his great uncle and aunt that I'm going to make sure he wears this week. It's so cute.

Thank you, Andrea & Jay, for helping to make yesterday a great day for Samuel. I'm not sure if there are enough days in the year for him to play with everything.

We had a blast!!

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