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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cloth Diaper Trial Program

I wish that I found this package when I was first investigating cloth diapers.

Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program

The best introduction to cloth diapers on the web since 2005! Just updated! Try a great variety of popular, trusted, NEW cloth diapers for only $10! Order by 3:00 PM EST, M-F, and they will ship your trial program the same day!

Step 1: Pay a deposit of $150.09.
Step 2: Try all the diapers. Wash them, use them, fall in love with cloth diapering!
Step 3: Mail the diapers back to us after using them for 21 days. (Yes, the 21 days starts when you receive the package, not with your order date!)
Step 4: Receive a refund of $140.09, regardless of whether the diapers are stained or not. This is not a store credit, but an actual refund!
And... receive Free Shipping on your next order (to orders within the US).

Want to keep some of the diapers? No problem! They will just deduct their price from the refund! And, if you decide to keep ALL of them, you'll get 10% off the package!

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