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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm probably stressing too much about this, but Brian is leaving for 5 days. I've never been alone with Sam for more than a few hours and I'm very nervous.

What is worrying me (in no particular order):
* What if he doesn't sleep very well during the night?
* What if he starts teething?
* What if something happens to him while I'm in the shower and he is sleeping in his crib?
* Will I be able to sleep at all without Brian at home?
* What if I can't produce enough and he is still hungry when he needs to go to bed? Having me give formula might confuse him.
* Will I be able to give him a bath all by myself?
* Will I be able to accomplish any chores (cleaning the kitchen, putting bottles together, laundry, etc)?
* Will I have time to eat in the evening? We usually switch off to eat so that one of us is with Sam. (I had so much to do last night that I didn't have a chance to eat.)

I'm a wreck and I still have almost a week before he leaves. Wish me luck.

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