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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project Single Mom: Day 1

I guess that I wasn't completely a "single mom" this morning. I was able to put on my makeup and get dressed while Brian was holding him. Brian left for his hunting trip at 8am which was after I left the house to take Sam to daycare.

Let me catch everyone up on the quest that I wanted to complete before he left.

The following items were supposed to be done to complete my quest prior to Brian leaving. Those items were:
2. Sam's daycare clothes
3. Sam's night time clothes
5. My clothes

Numbers 2 and 3 are DONE. All the clothes are clean to complete #5. Thank goodness that #5 can be completed after Sam is put to bed for the night.

With Sam at daycare right now there isn't anything more to report. I will post again tonight or in the morning with an update on how I survived the evening.

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  1. I bet it will actually fly by & be a lot easier - once they get mobile is when it's really a challenge!


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